Willem Jordaan

Dr Willem Jordaan

Manager, Huringa Pai Charitable Trust

Graduated MBChB and Fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practioners. Ironman, mountaineer and ultra-athlete. Experienced in indigenous health. Working currently with Ngati Porou Hauora as General Practitioner and Clinical Leader for Gisborne services (East Coast of the north Island of New Zealand). Manager of the Huringa Pai Charitable Trust. In 2015 declared war on pre-diabetes, diabetes and ischaemic heart disease which is killing indigenous people at a young age. He pulled the whanau together and they launched a movement called Huringa Pai (positive change). Empower our whanau using whanau ora to fight pre-diabetes, diabetes and ischaemic heart disease in our whanau. Proud to be able to report that a lot of our whanau do not have diabetes or prediabetes anymore. Our whanau have become champions in healthy lifestyles with this spreading fast in our wider community also. Hurginga Pai is now a Charitable Trust is all about whanau living healthy longer and promoting and creating an environment for our whanau to engage in living healthy longer with permanent sustainable healthy lifestyle change as seen by our whanau and generations to come!


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