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The 3rd Indigenous Cardiovascular Health Conference of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand, will be held in Welllington, New Zealand from 12-13 June 2019

Over the last decade, CSANZ has increased its attention and focus on Indigenous Cardiovascular Disease in Australia and New Zealand, largely due to the profound inequalities in health status that exist, and the critical role CVD plays in driving these disparities.

We have previously held meetings on this topic in 2009 and 2011, both producing important recommendations to improve Indigenous Cardiovascular Health. 

The aims of the forthcoming Conference are to focus on:

  • successful policy
  • systems of acute and long-term care
  • primary and secondary prevention
  • models of care
  • workforce development
  • community empowerment in leading change for better health
  • guiding health systems to better ways of working with and responding to, the needs of Indigenous Australian, Maori and Pacific Islander peoples across our countries.


We will deliver guidance for the next five years and beyond, to cement the positive inroads we have made, and envision what is needed to deliver equity for all Australian and New Zealanders in relation to CVD.

We look forward to sharing this unique event and welcoming you to Wellington in 2019.



Alex Brown         


Anna Rolleston


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